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Originally Posted by denniscasey View Post
Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge; good logical device. I have learned to watch for certain suspicious indicators and one of them is too low miles (like 5000 miles on a 2012) which I am thinking means car was a demo or loaner or had a lot of problems. To one of the points made, those categories of cars might all have questionable use history.

At the moment I am getting over emotional reaction to one dealer saying he would just send my pristine 2006 550i to auction so did not really care what great shape it is in and new tires, battery, etc so only offered $14,000 on a trade in for new 2013 550 ix.
I still say do not do it. As for your trade, let me say this. It might be pristine, it might be in mint condition, but you have to accept that it is a 7 year old car and it has zero lot appeal for a new BMW dealer that sells certified pre owned cars. They can't CPO it and they can't get bank financing for it (through traditional lenders) because it is too old. This is why it will go to auction. It will be purchased by one of those buy here/pay here outlets that will sell it and finance it with their own money to people with bad credit or sell it to someone who walks in with cash and wants a clean older BMW. I have purchased, traded and sold many BMW's (see my sig). With these cars you have to trade out of them before they turn 5 years old and/or 100k miles. Before 4 years old and 75k-80k miles is better. Once you pass that 5 year mark or 80k mile mark the value just drops like a rock because the car's resale is just not there. Keep this in mind next time you anticipate trading your car. I have a rule....dump it before 4 years or before 80k whichever comes first or drive it until the wheels fall off. I have done well following this rule.
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