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Originally Posted by JoeFromPA View Post

I find the exterior to be decent. I used to think the f30 front and rear ends were ugly; now I like the front and ignore the rear. I used to think the e60 was ugly. I used to think the "then new" Audi grill to be ugly on the a4 and a6. The new mercedes e-class front end? Used to be ugly to me...

I could go on. My point is simply that I no longer take my own initial reaction as something that's going to hold up.
Well, for me I like the current IS design pretty well. When I did the BMW Olympic 3 Series drive back in August I actually preferred to IS250 over the Merc C250 and the Audi A4. Its engine and transmission felt well matched, like they got along together. Unlike the powertrains in the Merc and Audi, which felt like they'd rather not have to be working together.

I've liked the F30 design from the beginning and I still do. I always liked the E60 exterior design, but I do not like the pre-LCI E60 interior. The LCI interior update made all the difference in the E60. I still think the current Audi front end treatment is butt ugly after however many years it's been. I think the entire Merc E Class exterior design is ugly. The previous Merc E Class was quite beautiful. I thought the current 7er kidney grill was too big the first time I saw it and I still do.

For me, my initial impressions don't generally change much.

Originally Posted by pilotman View Post
who is calling this the latest 3 killer?

I think that Lexus caters to a different buyer than BMW.....

If you check both sides of the coin, a lot of the people on the Lexus forum like the new IS, and almost everyone on the BMW forum hates the new IS, and Lexus in general.

In fact, most here have no interest in Lexus, Acura and Infiniti, and vice versa.

I like Lexus because of their stellar reliability, and I have had some problems with every one of the four BMWs I have had....same goes for Acura and Infiniti....

And even Cadillac.

There is no point to these discussions, most of you would be very very hard pressed to ever consider a Lexus/Acura/Infiniti, Cadillac, etc...

Just keep buying the BMWs, if that is what makes you happy. Nothing wrong with that, to each his own.

BMW customers just don't like the Asian counterparts....(but it is amusing to me how many of you seem to have a Toyota, Honda, Nissan etc. as a second car, kid hauler, minivan, SUV etc etc...)

You like the reliability when it favors you, but not in the luxury segment I guess.
As I mention above, I actually preferred the IS over the Merc C and the Audi A4 when I did the BMW 3 Series comparison drive in August. In 2010, when I attended a BMW driving event for the new F10 5er I thought the Lexus GS350 was a significantly better performer than the new Merc E350, which was an absolute embarrassment to Mercedes.

I attended a Cadillac CTS-V Series driving event in October and found the CTS-V to be a great performer. It doesn't have the German feel that I prefer, but I would have to say it performs every bit as well as any ///M car I've driven.

I have a BMW bias, but I pretty much call 'em as I see 'em.

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