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ok, so you are saying I can reuse my slightly-damaged new pad again with new rotor. That's good.
Can I use my regular 18v drill the allen screw out? It might not be stable when the car is only on OEM jack. I'm gonna to replace tires this weekend, so I might ask the mechanic to take out the screw for a small fee.
Edit: I will be more confident if ordered jack stands comes earlier.
Since I have never flushed the brake fluid and it seems clean to me from the reservior, I read something like this online:
"Buy an eze bleed. I emptied the reservoir by connecting an Eezi bleed to a back brake and kept pumping until the fluid was almost all gone, then added new fluid and pumped till I got blue fluid. Repeated on the other rear, then on inside outside of each front, took about 3/4 of a litre all together. Eezi bleed is a one way valve on a clear pipe. 4 for one man brake bleeding. "
"brake flush..... that's hilarious. any time you have new brake pads put on your car, they should bleed your brake line to remove any air, then top off the fluid. this is all you will EVER need."
Maybe a good time for brake flush. Shop charge a lot money for it. which type of brake fluid is recommended here ? Can I do it by myself with eze bleed?

Edit: Regarding not freely rotating front rotor, it defintely smoother without caliper. But in either case, I heard "shh...shh... shh" instead of constant "shhhhhhhhh". With caliper on, how can I make sure the friction is normal? After all, the brake pads wont' retreat after applying. It just don't apply the pressure any more.

As always, you guys rock. Thanks.

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