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Originally Posted by Red Lined View Post
In most cases, it will be a ~$30 difference unless BMWFS inflates the residual on the 320. The numbers don't a few and plug the numbers in a lease calculator. Even in BJ's over-exagerated example above the difference is a little over $40 a month.
You are forgetting the fine print in your analysis... the dealer.

When my sister was looking to lease an E92 about 15 months ago I took her to two dealers. One quoted about $57 a month more than the other for exactly the same car. This was a no brainer.

That payment difference of "a little over" $40 a month can easily becomes $60-$70 when the dealer touches that contract. And even when the dealer is taken out of the equation, a difference is "just" $40 a month is enough to sway a potential customer to another car or even brand.

For sure my sister would have done that.
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