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Originally Posted by Dheilman View Post
I just received a new set of Bilstein Touring struts for my 98 Z3 2.8. When I removed the old struts, the bump stops were in extremely bad condition. I have searched this forum trying to find a definitive answer as to whether or not Touring struts have an internal bump stop as do the Sport or HD Bilsteins... Do Bilstein Touring struts have internal bump stops?
Below is a reply from Turner Motorsport to my question about whether the OE bump stop and cover worked with Bilstein HD struts. The issue to me is not whether any Bilstein strut has an internal valving that replaces the external OE bump stop. The issue to me is the corrugated yellow plastic bellows cover that all Bilstein struts have. That cover fits on the rod, not over or under the OE cover, or bunched up underneath the OE bumper without the OE cover. So I think any Bilstein strut with the yellow bellows cover cannot be used with the OE rubber bump stop and big rigid plastic cover that snaps onto the bottom of the bumper:

Turner Motorsports said:
I have contacted Bilstein directly and they said this shock does not require an additional bump stop as there is one internally built in to the shock absorber itself. That's why the shock looks the way it does and the dust cover WOULD NOT accommodate the factory bump stop.
Thank you!
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