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I'm not sure that anything has the feel of of a BMW. The other car that I really liked in my recent search was the Acura TL. I'd take that over a C-class or an A4. In the end, though, I went with a 2009 335i sedan.

Since you are looking at 2009s, there may be some with a few months of the original 4 year coverage left. There is a big difference between that coverage and the CPO warranty, and those couple of months could allow you to get a few things taken care of. I've purchased two cars in that situation, including one last week, and have ended up getting a fair amount done under the initial coverage.

Winter tires make so much more difference than RWD/AWD; you could take the absolute worst snow/ice car in the world (1986 328 is the worst I've driven) and with winter tires, it would perform beautifully on any snow or ice.

For what it's worth, the auto magazines pretty much always end up putting the 3-series on top in these comparisons:
2009 models -
2012 -
2004 -
2010 - (335 somehow comes in 2nd)

What they all talk about is that road feel and steering feedback; others are technically advanced, but don't have that feel.

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