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Originally Posted by harkirath View Post
Could you elaborate on the auto zoom?
Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
I can't get this to work, not even in the smaller screen, and using any map view. I zoom to 100 feet with a Route specified, and that is is. IT stays at 100 feet.

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Does the 100 feet change and show Auto, or how do you know it is in Auto Zoom?

I just looked it up in the manual to word my response to you guys and found this, it's called Automatic scaling. It's being mentioned under Voice Commands.

Here is how it worked for me:

Pick a destination and start guidance to it.
Now back on the map.
On the main or split screen, select either the Map facing north and Map facing direction of travel view.
Zoom-in past 100 ft. The next incremental turn to the left past 100 ft. brings up an "A" or "Auto" (can't recall) in lieu of 100 ft for Automatic scaling. So it does show on the screen you are on Auto scaling.
The map then scales to fit/ show the entire itinerary from your current position.

The Auto scale doesn't work with the Perspective view, too processor-intensive I am guessing since the system already lags 2-3-4 seconds when zooming in or out manually. Anyone knows what CPU does the F10 have?

Do I have a different (system no maps) software version from yours? I doubt options make a difference.
How about : Map the main screen, hit Options > Settings. I have all the options ticked except for the bottom one : Gray Map/ Traffic conditions.

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