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Drivers who do not understand what to do when a siren vehicle comes by.

The purpose, of course, is to clear the way for unfettered access for the vehicle, so most people pull over to the side and stop, so they are safely out of the vehicle's way.

But this actually happened: ambulance coming from the other way, car in front of me pulls over to the side of the road—right in front of a driveway to a parking lot. Ambulance wants to turn left into the lot and is of course blocked by the car. Driver must be confused, freezes up and just sits there. After a few seconds the shotgun passenger jumps out of the ambulance, runs over and frantically waves at the driver to move. Driver tentatively moves forward, then backward, then stops, apparently freaked out and not sure what to do. Finally the guy from the ambulance runs in front of the car and windmills for the driver to follow him. Driver finally gets a clue and moves forward out of the way, allowing the ambulance to go into the parking lot. Took maybe 20 seconds, but that's a long time for ambulances at the moment of truth.

This is not unlike the driver I once saw pull over to the side of the road for the ambulance coming the other way—even though they were on a divided highway!

I wonder whether these people actually think the purpose of pulling over is to show a sign of respect, or to genuflect and say a prayer? What else would explain this behavior?
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