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Originally Posted by jben
While driving with a heavy barbeque propane tank in the trunk (just filled) I took a sharp turn and heard a loud “thunk” sound from the rear.

That "thunk" was the sound of fate warning you not to carry loaded propane tanks, (especially unsecured propane tanks) in the trunk of your vehicle! I'm sorry to have to hi-jack your thread, but please promise that you'll at least secure the tank down before you do that again... A 6-unit condominum was destroyed across the highway from my (former) condominimum when a renter who was moving tripped while carrying a 1/4 full bbq propane tank, and dropped it on the concrete edge by the sliding glass door. It exploded, and took the 6 units above and beside the renter's unit with it... Fortunately, no people were killed (everyone was at work), although some people's pets perished in the ensuing fire. The thought of a bomb rolling around in your trunk gives me chills! Might I recommend the BMW cargo net... expensive, but better then blowing up!

As for your radio issue, I would agree with the previous post that maybe the sharp edge of the tank may have impacted the wiring and cut / crimped it in some manner... Check out for CD changer installation instructions, which should help you reverse-engineer the removal of your liner... Good luck!
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