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Originally Posted by dtscaps View Post
Hello all, thanks for a great forum !

I had my oil and filter changed at the local dealership yesterday.
Talking to the SA about other recommended actions to take, he advised me to do a fuel system cleaning involving a disconnect of the fuel line and attaching a tank with special "solution" and let the car run on this for a while. (a $200 cost) According to him due to the ethanol in the fuel. He also recommended a brake fluid flush even though itís not due in the idrive system. Last brake fluid flush was august 2009. (a $170 cost)

Could you guys please share your opinions about this?

Car has 55000 miles on it.


1. The fuel system cleaning is a rip off, IMO- unnecessary. The use of 'ethanol' is a half truth to confuse you and create fear. Fear and uncertainty are the most effective sales tools service advisors have.... Even **IF** Ethanol may damage components in the fuel system, how would cleaning it change the damage?

2. Change the Fuel Filter.

3. 55k miles, change the ATF. There are MANY, MANY threads on ATF, but generally BMW says it is lifetime fluid, but they also consider 100k miles to be the lifetime of the transmission. They recommend a change at 100k, just after the CPO/extended warranty is late for issues with failing transmissions and new fluid to impact their bottom line.

4. Brake flush SHOULD be done under your BMW program. I seem to recall the fluid flush was not explicitly in the CBS so many dealers didnt do it. Every 2-3 years.
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