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Originally Posted by glennk View Post
XC60 likes:
-front seats (awesome Swedish glove-like fit)
-front wheel drive biased mechanical Haldex AWD system (good on the wet and snow)
-warranty and maintenance coverage at 5 Years/60,000 Miles (in the USA)
-second row seats are high enough to support adult legs
-some parts still sourced/shared with Ford (keeps $$$ down)

XC60 dislikes:
-limited dealer network in my area
-limited loan vehicles at my local Volvo dealer
-ride seemed stiffer to me than the X3
-during spirited driving, the XC60 seemed to "heave" over on its sidewalls
-difficulty with the "on-center" feel of the steering
-gets worse fuel economy than the X3 (but, it also uses cost should wash out, unless we head back up to $5/gallon)
-what is up with the shifter with the clear plastic? looks cheap...need to bring back the leather shifter from the 2012 model
You know Volvo changed their 5 year 60,000 mile warranty at the end of 2012. Maintenance is now only till 30,000. IIRC.
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