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Originally Posted by Fleetman View Post
No, disconnecting the wheel sensor does not disconnect the ABS module. IIRC, your module is under the dash....the BMW experts will chime in soon I suppose. Anyway, disconnect the module itself...fairly large plug with many wires.

When my '99 528 module went bad, it affected shifting and a host of other things, to include the w/shield rain sensor. My first symptom was the transmission symbol on the dash....looks somewhat like a gear and the trans was starting off in, I believe, 3rd which made it appear to be slipping but it wasn't.

I don't think you have a trans dipstick under the hood....I think you had ahold of the PS doesn't sound correct should be red....if truly pink, it may be water contamination in the PS reservoir and if water, could/would cause "tight" steering.

Search previous threads by Bluebee, CN90, 540iman, and several others...they have a lot of knowledge and experience and Bluebees ABS DIY is priceless. I think many contributed to her DIY but she has it all in one thread...extremely helpful.

Good luck!

Note; I had to laugh at my "new" BMW dealer....I traded in a very well-used '99 528 on a 2011 X5. I was not a fan, nor even knew anything about BMW when I purchased mine a little over two years ago and paid $3k for it (actually the auctiondealer I bought it from (Freedom Auto, Manheim Pa) said to buy it, drive it for three months, and if I wasn't happy with it, return it and he would refund all of my money. I had very good luck with the 528 and it sold me on the value and comfort of a BMW. Anyway, yesterday I stopped by my dealer since I saw my old 528 on the used lot and thought I'd see what they were asking for it (was hoping something like $500 or $750 and I would have bought it back)....imagine my surprise and following belly-laugh when I discovered they're asking $5250 for it!!!!!! It's a nice 528 but not near THAT nice!!

Ahh, I see. From the various posts i've read on here regarding disabling the ABS, I had noticed two different ways to do this. 1 being that you can disconnect the unit by taking off the electrical plug under the hood, then removing a few bolts and taking off the actual abs unit that has a few coils/springs within it. This method seemed easy, yet I didn't want to mess with that unit because if something had gone wrong in the process, it's another repair that I can't afford atm. 2 I was under the assumption that you could disconnect the speed sensor located behind the wheel in either the front or back passenger side. This is the method I took, being that it seemed a bit quicker and less harmful if something else had gone wrong. Though, I didn't actually take the entire sensor off, I just disconnected the electrical socket located in the "black box" within the wheel well.

Not too sure if that was correct, though, because a few of the postings I've seen had a blue connector that needed to be taken off, instead this connector was grey.

Anyways, I will reconnect that speed sensor since it didn't effect the tranny at all. Though, my question is... I haven't seen any posts that show you how to disconnect the abs from under the dash. The only ways i've seen was the speed sensor in the wheel well and from under the hood.

There is no dipstick for the tranny fluid under the hood. To my understanding the only way to check that fluid is from under the car on the sides of the tranny. And the ATF fluid that I can check under the hood is for power steering, I believe. It is a redish/dark pink color, but those resivours are known to leak and screw up. So there is a good chance moisture has found its way in the line and caused it to be tight when steering.

Last question... the one thing I haven't tried yet is disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery and leaving it off for a bit. Maybe this will reset something and possibly fix the issue? Let me know if you think I should give this a try, and for how long I should leave it disconnected.

Thanks everyone for your help by the way. I try to be as descriptive as possible when it comes to the BMW... which is why my posts are so damn long lol
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