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Originally Posted by Beemer13 View Post
CVV meaning crank ventilation valve? Part of the crank case ventalation kit? I just did it 160 miles ago with the canister gasket and valve cover gaskets....Or does that stand for something else....sorry, new to the Beemer thing.

So, maybe check plugs and do a compression test as well?
Yes, "Crankcase Ventilation Valve"

(and BTW, "Beemers" have two wheels, "Bimmers" have 4...."BIMMERFEST", ya dig ? )

Re: that CVV job:
Did you do it yourself ? If not, there`s no way for you to know if it was done *properly*. Was the dipstick tube removed from the block and cleaned *thoroughly* ? If that detail was overlooked, the oil could still be being diverted into the intake, rather than draining back into the sump. This is where examining the plugs comes in....
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