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I want to make a correction:
We had our power go out for 5 days a couple of winters ago.
We had a generator and the 100 gallons of fuel I keep on hand (rotated) came in handy since the power was out in a WIDE region where we live (Gas lines were 2 hours wait for those stations that had generators)

Anyway, our comcast cable was out too (no internet) but fortunately our Dish never went out.

The down side of that was...every kid within earshot of our house was AT our house after day 3 watching TV with my two sons...their families had comcast, no power, no generator (These are people that moved from the city to the country into $500k homes but don't plan for power outages...), but damned if we did! *sigh* I finally had to set a 4 hour limit each day, then it was "Outside, go build snowmen!"
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