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Missing German roads
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Got my production # and pickup time so I am ready to start finalizing the plans.

Based on feedback from here, this is what we have now.

Fly into Hamburg on May 10th at 5pm.
Go to miniatur wonderland on the 11th and tour museums nearby.
ICE to Munich on the 12th, go to glockenspiel and wonder around.
Pickup car on Monday the 13th (11am checking, 12:30 pickup), do factory tour, wonder around Munich.
Tuesday the 14th, do BMW Welt Museum (It's closed Monday) and head out on 1494 miles of driving.
On Tuesday May 21st our flight leaves at 1:20PM, I'm thinking to drop off at Frankfurt but Munich is about the same distance if we don't visit Erlangen on the ICE train down to Munich.

Here's the map of the driving portion (minus Nurburgring and the last day and without the train routes, apparently you can only have 27 points on a google map. I managed to get a "You broke google" error, ha.). 7 Days to do this??? 30 hours of driving it says.

Google Map

I'm interested in any feedback if this is now too much, please let me know. The 'have to see' are:

Salzburg (Sound of music)
Alpine Coaster in Austria
Neuschwanstein Castle
Lucerne Switzerland (or something else in switzerland that's as beautiful)
Ulm Munster area
Erlangen (Visit friends)
Nurburging (right towards the end so I'm over the 1200 mile break in period).

Places that would be fun to see but not required:
Eagles Nest
Schellenberg (another Sound of music spot)
Garmisch-Partenkirchen (My father said there's a peak there he had heard about, and WWII stuff)
Jungfrau/top of the world (The train ride looks beautiful, but might this be a repeat of stuff seen elsewhere?)
The three french towns were recommended, although one person coming is a bit paranoid about going anywhere remotely 'risky' and thinks being in france could be 'risky'.
Baden-Baden (Not sure what to see here, but it's suppose to be nice)
The drive between Koblenz and Cochem is suppose to be nice, though if it's a repeat of what we've seen it might be worth skipping maybe?

For Erlangen (Friends live there), it is quite out of the way on the drive so I've wondered about going there the day we take the train from Hamburg to Munich since it passes very near by. Downside would be if there's anything worth seeing nearby as we wouldn't have the car yet. SD ZRm4's ED blog is down and I know there's a beautiful town (it's in his signature) that I'd like to stop by but I don't recall where that's at, I'm wondering if it's new the Erlangen area?

I've also modified the map (look for the tiny white circles) to force google to route through roads noted in the ED wiki that are good for enjoyable driving.

If anyone has comments about 1494 miles, 30 hours being doable in 7 days let me know, and what might be worth skipping. Also if there are any map route suggestions for places to go through or avoid going through I'd be intersted in hearing. I'd like to avoid _any_ place that might be a higher risk for personal safety and so on.
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