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Originally Posted by m8o View Post
isn't starting w/a lower compression engine better for swapping in a big honk'n turbo?
Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much turbo swapping is going to happen. The turbo and exhaust manifold are a single component. The engineers have their reasons (hot-side performance), but from a mod perspective it sucks. It's not like the traditional way where it's just a matter of matching the housings to the flanges.

Basically we'll have to rely on a vendor to engineer an exhaust manifold and plumbing, or swap in from another engine/year like they do on the Audi's A4's, which have a similar setup. I checked the 745Li (IIRC), which is a turbo'd v8, but the header flanges are different and it may not even be an "upgrade". Intra-make part upgrade/swapping is not a new concept, but in the case of turbo's it requires knowing the subtle differences between the parts.

Back on-topic, I think the OP was incorrect, but I'm open to be proven wrong. I hope I'm right though cuz I'll be pretty pissed if it's just a tune
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