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Transmission stuck in first gear

I have a similar but more unique problem. I say that because nobody else has mentioned the S 2 light. While driving with the transmission selector in D the D light on the instrument panel shows D as you would expect it to. However, while driving, the D light will extinguish and the S 2 light illuminates. This happens intermittently and sometimes very quickly. One thing for sure is that the transmission follows the lights. It downshifts when the S 2 light illuminates and releases the transmission to a higher gear when the D light illuminates. I've heard a lot of talk here about transmissions stuck in first gear. If I hadn't seen the S 2 light and the D light telegraphing back and forth, with the transmission following them, when in the failure mode, I would have thought that the transmission was stuck in first gear, or whatever gear allows about 40MPH at 4000 RPM. My assumption is that the circuit that lights D and S 2 is driving the transmission based on speed and request for power at the gas pedal. I say that because I don't feel that the transmission has the ability to change those lights. Only the shifter should. The one thing I do know is that if somebody can tell us where the signals come from to illuminate those two lights and I personally think it's going to be an interlock on the bottom of the shifter, that's where we need to focus. I'm going to start there and see if I can get to the bottom of the shifter without causing too much damage. I will get back to you all with anything I find. If somebody has a print and can provide a couple of test points to check and how to get at them I will do that and get back to everybody. I'm really hoping that this description is indicative enough of something that somebody has already seen or knows that can cause this and turns a light bulb on, somewhere other than my instrument panel. If anybody has any further questions or suggestions I will work with all of you to resolve this. Probably like all of you, I don't really have a choice, because it aint going to be a BMW Dealership.

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