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Originally Posted by ErnestHouse View Post
They call them Diesel H4. Mostly in the 30's here:

There are several versions of the F30 320d. The ED version is supposed to use about 11% less fuel. Fuelly doesn't seperate them by version While the sample size is small, (12) the distribution is interesting.

I looked at the individual cars. A couple are F30 M Sports.

This one ( is an e90! At 30.1 MPG it is at the low end of the range. I'm going to throw that one out since it isn't an F30.

With the e90 removed, the distribution is:

29: 1
31: 2
32: 1
36: 2
38: 1
41: 1
42: 1
44: 3

Other interesting things I noticed. The two UK cars are both in the 44 slot. 4 of the 5 cars from Malaysia are at the low end of distribution. Then I went and looked at the BMW Malaysia website --> -- The 320d EfficientDynamics isn't on the Malaysia website. The specs only show the regular 320d.

None of the 5 Malaysian cars are a 320d EfficientDynamics. Taking those cars out changes the distribution to mostly 40s but the sample size is getting very small.

THen I decided to look at some other cars:

There are only 2 current generation MINI Clubman D's on Fuelly. 43 and 46 mpg-US.

I couldn't find any BlueMotion Golfs on Fuelly. I did find 3 BlueMotion Polos. 45, 50 and 54 MPG.

Yes, the Prius does a little better than these cars. But the Prius isn't a driver's car. Neither is a Leaf which is one of the main reasons we don't have one.

Doesn't matter. Take any engine and you can get the same performance with a smaller hybrid for less fuel and emissions.

Maybe. If someone sold it. Here in the UK, I can buy a 320d ED for 28,410 On the road. Cars are priced "On the Road" and including all taxes and fees. A 320d M-Sport is 31,410.

An ActiveHybrid 3 SE is 40,565 and and ActiveHybrid 3 M-Sport is 43,565.

Apples to Oranges of course. The Active Hybrid is faster and uses far more fuel than the 320d. A fair comparison would be a 335i. 0-60 times are essentially the same. A 335i M-Sport lists for 37,870. Is the Hybrid really worth an extra 5700??

Peugeot and Citroen have started selling a few diesel hybrids. I haven't paid much attention to them as they power cars I'm not that interested in.
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