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Here is another cracked head, with a successfully welded crack:
> E39 (1997 - 2003) > Another cracked head

Originally Posted by H2odiesel View Post
I got the Head off on 12/21, and I was relieved to see no sign of Valve butter as I like to refer to the oil and water emulsion that is formed after running for a time with oil contaminated with coolant. Upon close inspection the typical cylinder three crack from exhaust valve seat to coolant passage is present. I've decided to have a local company do the repair. They said they do them frequently and warranty the repair for two years. There were also two sets of heads on the counter waiting for the local BMW dealer to pick up, which I felt was a good sign. I dropped the head off with cams still installed along with all of the studs still in place. The counter man reassured me they understood the proper cam removal procedure. I'll get it back repaired with a valve job and new valve stem seals, fully assembled for $550. I think that price includes a $50 off locals discount.

There is a steel washer under each head bolt, and after removing the head bolt you can fish the washer out on edge through the Bearing ledge that supports the cam shaft and lifters. Does anyone have a tip on how to best get these washers back in place when reinstalling the head? I was considering running the washers up to the machine shop and have them stick them down with some assembly lube in there recesses.
Originally Posted by H2odiesel View Post
Update: I've had the repaired head on for about three weeks now, and once I tracked down a slight coolant leak from an inadequately tightened hose clamp, the engine has preformed well. I also did the vanos repair while I had things apart and I can feel a distinct difference when accelerating. Here is a pic of the repaired area. If you look closely you can make out a little of the welded material in the coolant passage.

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