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For cross reference, sources for and discussion about the cold weather dipstick tube guide are over here today:

Originally Posted by JNMNL52 View Post
Preparing to replace my CCV system and getting the parts in order. As a preventive measure, based on comments here in this forum, I believe it is wise to replace the dipstick tube. The replacement oil dipstick tube part number on is 11437531258 - costing about $75.00. I have read about the new improved BMW dipstick tube part number 11437565437 - costing about $145.00. This new part is NOT listed on My dealer does not have a listing for this new PN. I looked it up on several parts websites through (awesome website) and the new tube is classified as a cold climate dipstick tube and many have it in stock. I am replacing my CCV system with a regular design not cold weather design CCV. My question is will the new so called "cold climate" dipstick tube adapt and fit with the regular CCV hose system?
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