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Originally Posted by mgthompson View Post
Visit the French National Car Museum and the associated Train Museum when you visit Mulhouse.
It is one of the best in Europe.

You could visit Ettlingen when you drive north from Baden-Baden.
The road from Baden-Baden to Gernsbach to Bad Herenalb, to Marxell to Ettlingen is much nicer than the A5.
There is a car/motorcycle museum in Marxell that is entertaining to visit.
+1 on the schlumpf collection (Citi de l'automobile) Best collection of Bugattis in the world.

I would really think about the path you want to take. You have places on the "want" list that are definitely opposite directions. Bear in mind even a 4-5 hour drive really affects your day. It isnt a lot of driving but say for example you decide to wake up every day before 8 so you can be on the road at 8; well you wake up at 630 am to get ready and have breakfast. Now you drive 5 hours without stopping to your next destination. Now it is 1pm. That gives you maybe 5 hours in that location to see things before the tourist sites have shut down. Obviously you will still have another 2 hours of light but say there were two places you wanted to hit that day. Then you are rushing through everything and the vacation is simply go go go the entire time.

When I drove from Munich to Mulhouse we had plans to see the museum then drive up to Massenez distillery, then check into our hotel (Kanzel hotel and residences: HIGHLY recommended) and then go do wine tasting along the rue de vin. We woke up at 6am and were on the road by 7:30am. We got to the museum at 12:30 and literally raced through the museum because the tastings at Massenez only went to 4 and they were an hour away. So we jumped back in the car, raced there did the tastings and now it was almost 4pm we still hadnt eaten lunch and it was going to be dark in an hour. By the time we checked in we were exhausted, starving, it was dark and there was no chance to do the wine tasting. This is just an example of how something looked perfect on paper, but in reality it was a nightmare. For things that are 30-40 miles away from each other you need to consider an hour of time between them for getting back to the car, getting the nav set up, finding your way there and parking at the new location.

Basically this is my long winded way to say take your time. Remember this is your vacation as well and rushing around for days just to see one or two extra things will just create exhaustion and grumpiness for you and your dad and sister.

Find the MUST sees first. Find a direction of travel and stick with it. Feel free to just have one location planned for the day and have a couple things nearby that you could go to if you feel finished at your first place.

I can give you tips on France and about Amsterdam. Not much help for Germany
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