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Buyer Beware! X-Line and X-Line Pro Exterior Trim

Took delivery of our new X3 this week, ordering the package that incl the X-Line exterior trim. one component of that trim - the "front fascia insert" is described in the X3 brochure/catalog as (verbatim) an "eye-catching titanium panel." well, it is nothing of the sort but rather, just a piece of plastic painted silver. are you kidding me? i asked the dealer and showed him the catalog - got the expected shoulder shrug - nobody ever mentioned it before. I checked the website and sure enough, there it's described as a titanium-look panel; minor glitch there, huh? $50K for a vehicle and BMW can't do better than cheap plastic for that? feeling just a bit ripped off!

Didn't stop there though as i'm a glutton for punishment! I ordered three X-Line Pro trim components in advance as well, and had them installed prior to pick up (they had to remove that "titanium panel" in order to install the front X Line Pro trim piece: that's how i discovered that titanium has plastic as an organic component). If you look on the website, you'll see that the 4 components (2 side trim pieces, front trim and rear lower bumper trim piece (I didn't get that piece though as it'd then look like every other SUV out there with that rear trim piece - never noticed that until i began to contemplate getting the X-Line Pro trim but nearly every big/small SUV and other similar vehicle on the road has that)) cost $1500. For my 3 X-Line Pro trim pieces installed, i paid $1025 - and yes, all plastic. that one's on me though, should have asked the questions beforehand - but then again, should i have to??? for that price, i probably paid for a German BMW employee's health insurance for about 3 months - glad i could help out. DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE COST - WOULD NOT DO IT AGAIN. those running boards i had on the old X3 were what - $600?? at least they had some aluminum to them.

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