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Originally Posted by doru View Post
If your KTMP is reading high, chances are you have "unhealthy" temps.
I have no idea what has been done to the car, but everything points to the cooling system, won't you agree?
If the cooling system hasn't been changed in the last 100k miles, chances are lots of things are on the verge of failing. As I said, I have no idea what has been done or not on your car, and you didn't mention it either.
So, if someone did a cooling job before you purchased the car, you have to know when and you want to know what parts went in there. If nothing has been done (with the exception of the fan clutch), then probably another part could have failed. Or when the fan clutch bit the dust, the car overheat ever so slightly, enough to loose some coolant (as you mentioned you had to top off), meaning that there could be an air bubble, which in turn could be a real pain in the rear.
Or as someone else mentioned, your WP might not be able to do the job anymore. Or maybe the T-stat has fits.
Once you start changing 1 (one) part in the cooling system, without changing anything else - you're doomed. You will be chasing all kind of failed components one after another.

Thought you read through this and other forums about cooling systems of e39.
as far as i know the only things that have been replaced are the expansion tank, radiator & hose from the previous owners. now i replaced fan clutch, belts and intake boot. now im going to replace the temp switch if i recall right.... its right next to the expantion tank on the radiator. hope this works...
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