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Originally Posted by Yorgi View Post
This has to be the worst excuse I've heard from a dealer EVER. If someone said this to me, after I finished laughing 'till I cried, I'd ask them to call BMW head office and repeat that to them.

DO NOT let them get away with that pathetic excuse to not properly diagnose what is going on with your brakes.

A few things that I can think of that might cause warping discs this often:
1) A problem with the caliper (piston binding)
2) A problem with the caliper carrier (bent and causing brakes to drag)
3) Bad wheel bearing (puts rotor out of alignment and it will drag on pads)
4) You are driving with your foot on the brake
5) You are braking too lightly and too early (braking hard and late is easiest on the brakes BTW)
6) You live at the top of a mountain and the drive down every day overheats the brakes.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot brake too hard or too late. The less time you have your foot on the brake pedal the less heat is generated.

[EDIT] I bet their explanation will be the fact that the painted hub of the refinished wheel will not transfer heat as well as an unfinished wheel which has a bare aluminum wheel to rotor hub interface. (the wheel is acting as a heat sink) Which is rubbish based on how tight the wheel is clamped to the rotor which results in excellent heat transfer painted or not. If they do say this then ask them why they simply did not sand off the paint on the back of the wheel hub since THEY refinished the wheel and "have evidence" that this causes disc warping.

Get em Yorgi

...and if that doesn't work try this

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