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Originally Posted by RockChips View Post
Whats the deal with people having dedicated winter tires? I never did this.
As others have noted, you are much safer driving in winter conditions on dedicated winter tires. What most folks fail to realize is that you also will SAVE MONEY.

If you are put more than 30,000 miles on a vehicle before you dispose of it, you will need to replace tires at least once. For most folks, this means buying a second set of All Seasons to replace the ones that came on the car at delivery. But as Dunderhi noted, A/S tires are by definition a compromise. They are "acceptable" in a wide range of conditions, but excel at none.

Instead of buying a second set of A/S tires when the OE tires need replacing, many of us buy a set of dedicated winter tires, putting them on the car every November, and taking them off every April. This is no more expensive than buying that second set of A/S tires, and you will optimize your braking and cornering (i.e. your safety) on snow and ice.

The best set-up is to mount the winter tires on a dedicated set of winter wheels. This avoids the cost of mounting and balancing 2x/year when you change over, and gives you an honest-to-goodness full size spare when you need one. And when you are done with the car, you can throw the winter wheels on Craigslist or the BMWCCA classifieds and get back half what you paid for them.

Now if you routinely get 50,000 miles out of a set of OE tires and never need to replace them before you return the car, the financial side of my argument is moot.

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