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The issue with the self-leveling xenon is pretty common. So is the tail-light issue (the newer ones apparently seal better, as the issue is caused by water shorting out the LED cluster). In short, they are just issues that can come up and are well documented/researched before purchase. Almost every car has some nagging little issues like that. That being said, I do not think both items would have cost $2,000 - $3,000 to fix, but I honestly don't know.

The cranking issue sounds like fuel delivery to me and possibly the fuel pump. Depending on mileage, not completely impossible. On my previous car (Ford) the fuel pump went at around 75k miles. I was saddened but not in shock. That being said, the dealer should be able to diagnose the pump if you ask them to, no?

Good luck and I hope the car becomes a bit less of a trouble for you soon!


I was curious and checked RealOEM. A headlight runs around $500 for HID, $1,000 for Bi-xenon, $1,200 for adaptive. Yowzers, that is steep. Plus another hour to install, I am sure. Rear light is $175 best I can tell. So about $1,500 I suppose, but not $3,000.
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