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My list:
  • People who drive slow in the fast lane
  • People who leave big gaps in front of them in slow traffic
  • People who drive under the speed limit when there's no passing allowed
  • People who don't pull over into turnouts to let cars pass on mountain roads even though they have 5 cars behind them
  • People who drive 2-footed with their left foot on the brake while they're accelerating
  • People who drive with their brights on
  • People who drive with their REAR fog lights on (I don't care about front fog lights)
  • People who talk on their cell phone while driving, no hands free
  • People who text while driving
  • People who drive drunk
  • People who swerve around and cut people off to get 10 feet ahead
  • People who pass traffic on the shoulder
  • People who tailgate
  • Cars that pollute and have smoke coming out of them
  • Cars with loud stereos booming
  • I reserve the right to gripe about something else later too

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