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I answered with a 4; very nearly went with a 5. I won't buy another BMW period, but the throttle lag only got me 90% of the way to that point; numerous other annoyances (Professional radio, among other things) pushed me over the edge. Actually contemplating selling the car off at a loss just to wash my hands of it, though if I focus on the good things... it really is a great car in the end. It's just... those little things that I have to deal with day in and day out, that make me question everything. auto wipers that don't auto-wipe if it's snowing; blinkers that don't disengage until the wheel is back to straight-and-center, which means when I turn left onto a street that gradually turns left, my blinker never shuts off... and of course the (er, I mean, Auto start-stop...)

oh yeah... drivetrain... idrive 28, AWD 8 spd auto.
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