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Originally Posted by quackbury View Post
OP: Your sentiments after your test drive mirror those of many of us long-time BMW owners: The F10 is not as much of a driver's car as the E60.

And you missed one very important variable. You originally said you were considering RWD, as a modern RWD vehicle with dedicated winter tires will handle as well (and safely) as an AWD with A/S tires in almost all situations. I completely agree, plus the staggered wheels on the RWD's look great. We almost got a RWD, but... The absolute deal killer for us is the RWD 535 / 550 has electric power steering, while the xDrives have hydraulic steering. The vague numbness of the EPS was enough to push us into the xDrive camp.

I am guessing that 90% of all F10's sold in MN have xDrive, so it will be very difficult for you to test drive one to compare. But it is a critical data point - find a CPO RWD F10 somewhere and make sure you drive it before placing an order.

PS Your salesman is clueless. The 8 speed transmission is fantastic, and not at all responsible for the F10's feel. The steering feel and floaty suspension are to blame, not the tranny.
I did think part of the "different" feel with the 2013's was due to AWD vs RWD, and although some of us know RWD with snow and ice rated snow tires stop and turn better than AWD with all weather tires, RWD cars are getting rare in MN as you note.

Now I have driven AWD with dedicated snow tires (the Subaru WRX I once had and others) and they are great in snow.
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