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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
It will be interesting to see how the 320 does. The 1 Series, which theoretically took BMW down market does not seem to be selling very well. I probably see about 20 times more 7 Series than 1 Series. Actually the ratio may be higher than that. I think I see about 5 1 Series a year not counting the ones in the showroom when I take the car in for service.

I think the problem with the 1 series as a "downgrade" is that by the time you add back all the niceties that we have on the 3er's especially things that are standard on the 335 and E93 (both 328 and 335 variants) you are pushing a pricetag very close if not totally in the range of the 3ers. Unless, you just like the smaller chassis, well equipped, it's not a base priced car. One day I was playing around on the BMWNA build your own page, and without much effort built a 135i cabrio for a price (at that time) equivalent to a nicely equipped 328i E92. Yes, apples to oranges, but with the package system (zsp, zpp, etc) to get adaptive xenon lights, motorized front seats, etc., were all costly addons to the 1 series, incidentally at a ratio much higher than the cost of adding the same package onto a 3er.

As much as I cringe at the idea, I think the 320i 3 series will have better success as the "downgrade" especially in the US where a bigger bodied car is perceived as better. The overall size of the car along with the Roundel will be the selling points. The engine size and specs will be purely incidental. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Camry will finally be able ditch the Camry for a BMW and radiate with the afterglow emanating from the Roundel sparkling in the sunshine.
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