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Originally Posted by Jakobie1086 View Post
Yo just saying pretty much all modern coolant is safe for aluminum, regardless of the color. Ace hardware brand coolant says safe for aluminum, and the the peak anti freeze I'm using now is also safe for aluminum. Both are green. I suggest doing a coolant flushes, and I also REALLY suggest using distilled water to mix 50/50 but the color of the anti freeze means nothing.
Many of the "aluminum safe" claims depend totally on mineral free distilled water being the other part of the 50/50 mix so that there is no reaction between the phosphate/silicate additives and the minerals in the water with the aluminum. You may be able to use regular phosphate infused green coolant mixed with distilled water without any issues, but if you get in a jam out on the road and need to add some water and don't happen to have a jug of distilled water handy, now you've got a problem. If you are running a phosphate free coolant (G-05, BMW or Merc brand) and you have to add some tap water in a jam you're OK.
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