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Originally Posted by Nordic_Kat View Post

As much as I cringe at the idea, I think the 320i 3 series will have better success as the "downgrade" especially in the US where a bigger bodied car is perceived as better. The overall size of the car along with the Roundel will be the selling points. The engine size and specs will be purely incidental. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Camry will finally be able ditch the Camry for a BMW and radiate with the afterglow emanating from the Roundel sparkling in the sunshine.
That's the strategy.

You're new here, but I posted three configs the other day that sort of illustrate how BMW is finally allowing 3 Series buyers to trade horsepower for creature comforts. From memory, looks sort of like this:

The build that my mother passed on, too expensive for her:

328i Auto $42,645
Premium w/Leather
Heated Seats

The build that my mother would have taken if available:

320i Auto $38,595
Heated Seats

That's $4,100 less, a 10% savings, simply for trading off horsepower & leather.

Now, if she wanted to put that back into the car, get to that same $42,645 level as the 328i, her build would have looked like this:

320i Auto $42,595
Premium Package
Driver Assistance Package
Lighting Package
BMW Assist
Enhanced Bluetooth & USB
Heated Seats

So, instead of running to Acura, she'd have had two choices:

1. Get a 320i with the same options, save $4,100

2. Get a 320i with extra options Driver Assistance Package, Lighting Package, Navigation, BMW Assist, Enhanced Bluetooth & USB for the same money.

And that's the entire point. As I said in the first post, it allows someone to either hit a $299 monthly payment practically stripped -or- to hit a $399 monthly payment fully loaded.

The 320i is a $4,300 Performance Delete Option that allows someone to trade off horsepower for gobs of goodies. It's a very smart move. Would have kept my mom from Acura, thousands of other moms too.

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