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Originally Posted by simonchs View Post
anyone got issue when using 48.3 psdzdata? i've got the following error when code FDL my F20; when i roll back to full set 47.7 psdzdata + 48.1 update files, everything back to normal again.

Caf's werden gesucht
Tal wird generiert
NCD werden gelesen
FDL CAFD-00000794-04.7A.53 signieren.
Abarbeitung wird gestartet

TAL execution started. [C205]
[] prepareTALExecution started
[] prepareTALExecution finished
[] prepareVehicleForCoding started
[] prepareVehicleForCoding finished
[FEM_BODY - 40] prepareECUforCoding started
[FEM_BODY - 40] prepareECUforCoding error
[FEM_BODY - 40] finalizeECUCoding started
[FEM_BODY - 40] finalizeECUCoding finished
[Exception - FEM_BODY - 40] Exception occurred: job failed with negative response error: 
 code: written data does not match read data
 description: no detailed description available; ECU: FEM_BODY_40_ETHERNET
 severity: ERROR

Timestamp: Sat Jan 19 02:12:12 CST 2013
ErrorCategory: VEHICLE_ERROR ID: 433
ExecutionContext={category=TAL, ecuid=(FEM_BODY,0x40), TA_CATEGORY=cdDeploy, PROGRAMMING_STATUS=prepareECUforCoding}
[] finalizeVehicleCoding started
[] finalizeVehicleCoding finished
[] finalizeTALExecution started
[] finalizeTALExecution finished
TAL execution finished
TAL-Execution finished with status: "FinishedWithErrorInTransaction". [C207]
TAL execution finished. Duration: "5s". [C206]
Abarbeitung beendet
Transaktions-Report:       Aktion: FDL Codieren

cdDeploy ProcessedWithError
   cafd_00000794-004_122_083 Not Executable

I know the solution to this one! They implemented a new check within PSDZ-data to check if you are allowed to use E-Sys and have a valid EST token for it.

It's not depending on the car type you've want to code, it would work with an older version of PSDZ data, but than your code would be to new...


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