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"Increased Emissions" and running a bit rough.

I've searched as much as I can, but can't find my exact issue. I got the "Increased Emissions" warning about a month and a half ago on my 645ci. I ran a scan on it with my generic scanner and it gave me the "Coolant Below Normal Temp/Thermostat" message.
So I replaced the thermostat and reset the light. Two weeks later it comes back on, same thing, so I try replacing both of the other temp sensors on the return pipe and water pump.
This morning the light came back on.

Addtionally to this, since i got the car ~3 months ago...the car runs a little rough at idle and shakes a bit. I notice some slight surging while cruising at a constant speed too.
So, I'm wondering if I have a coil or other issue instead, but for some reason I'm getting the low coolant temp message on my non-bmw specific scanner?

Any help would be really appreciated! Oh, the car has 88K on it.
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