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Originally Posted by kyled View Post
i think the bottom line on this one is, especially with BMW, some people just want to be able to brag about their number or series being better than someone elses.
Definitely a big factor with the non-enthusiast crowd, but a slightly different take:

Once someone realizes they can afford a BMW, it then boils down to how much you want to spend per month and whether the 5 or the 3 gives you what you need. I myself was expecting to move from my E90 into an F10 this past summer. Budgeted myself around $579 for the new ride. I didn't like what I had heard about the 328i becoming a four-cylinder car, and loved the look of the new 5.

But upon taking a test drive, I was surprised and shocked by what I had learned. The new 328i engine was a beast, and the 5 required i get a 35i and was way bigger than I needed. The slight growth in body dimensions on the 3 made it perfect for my family, and the lower base price meant I could add more options on a 328i as opposed to a stripped down 535i.

The typical non-luxury car observer wouldn't know the difference between the 3 and 5 if you put a gun to their head. The only people that know the differences are luxury car aficionados who now can tell that I am in a Luxury line 3 not a stripped 5. BMW's strategy seems to be very clear; offer the same car in several different sizes And let the customer decide what fits. No different than buying a new Armani suit.


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