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Originally Posted by finnbmw View Post
If you do a search, you will find a ton of information on AD. Basically, think of it as a sophisticated sway bar system which constantly works to make sure that the vehicle is level, even when taking sharp turns. Best option in my opinion for the money for a heavy SUV with center of gravity relatively high, such as the X5.

The difference between a non-AD and an AD equipped X5 is significant, but only you can decide it is worth spending $3,500 on it. Personally I would choose AD over, say a Premium Pkg (same price), any day. After all, I bought the X5 for it's performance and handling characteristics over the competing brands. YMMV.
Well said. I was on the fence because I could not find a car to test drive with it. I went and ordered it sight unseen and was a little nervous about doing so. I normally don't make decisions based on others opinions but I was able to weigh what I like about a car and its handling with the opinions of some forum members.

Last week I was able to drive one with AD for an hour and as I said above, there is no comparison to me. It is an obvious night and day difference. One thing I find interesting is the people on this board who say they can't tell the difference. Maybe the one they drove didn't have it calibrated correctly? I don't know. All I do know is driving one with and one w/out I could tell the difference in the first 100 yards.

I agree with you, the AD changes the SAV so much that if price is a factor, I would forgo the premium package or any other option just to make sure I could get the AD. I gave up cold weather and a couple others so I could get the AD. I figured I would rather enjoy driving the SAV than looking at my mph on my windshield or having my butt airconditioned

Of course YMMV!
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