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2004 4.4 X5 transmission nightmare

Hello! We are in the midst of a transmission (?) nightmare with our 2004 4.4 X5. In November we took it in to our mechanic after the transmission crapped out (revving engine, creaking when putting it in gear/park - undriveable). They replaced the transmission. I drove it for 3 days (under 25 miles) and had the same issue and was nearly stranded on a freeway off ramp with my 3 year old in the car. Which isn't important except to express how incredibly annoying and frustrating that was.

SO, had the car towed back to our mechanic. They replaced the transmission a second time (at no charge), thinking it was a faulty transmission. Had the transmission specialist thoroughly examine each instance of shifting (sorry for the untechnical lingo), and weren't happy with the way it was performing. Ultimately, through process of elimination (at least that's my understanding), they decided it was the transfer case. So we replaced the transfer case. After another week of testing, they were still not happy with the way it was performing so had it towed to the BMW dealership where we purchased the car to have their mechanics evaluate it. The dealership claimed that they just needed to reprogram the transfer case, and though our mechanic said they had already done that, we all decided to go with the dealer's rec. Following their work, one of the dealer mechanics drove it home for the night (he lives 40 miles away) and back. After 80 miles of driving they assumed it was good to go. We got it home last night. This morning I drove it 1 mile to get coffee and it broke again as I was pulling into a parking spot. Exact same symptoms. Undriveable, not even holding in park unless the e-brake was set. So now we've had it towed back home and 2 months and $8,000 later, we're in the exact same place we were when we first had the issue.


I can't believe this car is an unfixable boat anchor at this point. It's not even 10 years old and is only at ~90K miles! I understand (via internet research) that it's not uncommon to have to replace the tranny on an X5. I could handle that if it fixed the problem. But at this point no one seems to have any idea what's wrong with the car. I would be so grateful for any ideas.
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