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Originally Posted by Bemo View Post
Finally someone who thinks like me!

If the $200-300 price difference between go flats and RFTs is that significant, maybe you should sell your bimmers and get bicycles instead.
As for the quality of the ride, the go flats remain better but not that much better compared to the current vs. 1st generation of run flats, all in the context of spirited, everyday driving conditions. For track use, obviously go with high performance.....
If a $300 per tire price was an issue I would not be pulling off new tires (2K miles) & replacing them. Its really silly to do the old "if you can afford a BMW you should be able to afford -------" to justify something that may be unnecessary, over priced or simply a different choice then you are comfortable with. At any rate $300 is stretching the point a bit since the spread for a whole set of factory issue RFT's over up sized quality summers is about $110.

Back to the tires & winding up in a fiery crash because they are not run flats. I got my license in 1959 & have had exactly 1 catastrophic tire failure at speed. This includes a daily 130 mile round trip commute on the GSP & NJTP for about 20 years. The car IIRC was a Pontiac was rolling fast in the outside lane. Front right blew out its sidewall. I reacted properly & got the car to the slow side shoulder so I could put on Mickey Mouse.

Whatever generation the RFT's came on my 2011 sucked. Harsh, Crash banging over road irregularities & had a lot of trouble holding the cars torque. Switched to a few sizes up go flat summer compound & made what was a marginal car al lot of run to drive.

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