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Mein Auto: Some Bavarian car outside
I've probably owned Bimmers too long to consider them prestige anymore. Honestly at one point I thought so. Many people do. A coworker showed up in a used 2012 C class Benz some weeks ago and said he bought it for his wife because she got her bachelors and wanted to feel as if she accomplished something in life. I smiled, then (laughed to myself outside a little). I didn't want to disrespect his logic. The thing is BMW, Merc and Audi are still perceived by many as a status symbol. They think It's not so much the fact that you can afford the car, but more so the fact that you can afford the repairs.

I wash my bimmers on average about twice a week, but I would do that to any car. A clean car IS a happy car and from experience also a bit less troublesome. It's not because its a bmw, (well kinda) but more so its a modern car. I'm not in a 2011+ car, but I've been asked that before on both of them. So washing the car pays off in the sense that most people have NO CLUE what type of BMW it is so they give you some crazy off the wall compliments, and it lasts longer or retain its value better.

The best comment on my car: "that's a nice M5 mahn."
The best comment on my X5 was back in 2011: "that's the 2011 right, I'm thinking about getting one."
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