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Water pump failures are not caused by lack of coolant changes which is an internal fluid problem issue. The ones reported with pictures show the electronics shorting out do to water infiltration especially salt water from those states that use it. Also the plastic housing is prone to cracking which again is more related to heat than any coolant issues.
Heat and water infiltration seem to be the common theme.

Intake valve cleaning. Hard to say because GM does not have this issue on their DI engines but VW and Audi have the worse issue BMW some as well. It has been reported by one poster that has 180K miles on his car that he had to have the valves done at 50K or so miles and changed oil to one with a higher flash point and changed more regularly than BMWs CBS recommends and has not had that return.

Turbos last forever unless you beat hell out of them. Most turbos will be fine when the engine is toast unless---you run the crap out of the engine when the oil is cold and I guarantee you will blow turbo seals and have what is called a lazy turbo(s) requiring replacement since they will not boost or boost to the psi the DME is requesting.

I don't have any issues with mine period. However I don't beat hell out of it or mod hell out of it either...
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