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Do you have a 2006 coupe (in the thread title) or a 2007 coupe (in the 'mein auto') section of your posts?

If it's a model year 2007, I've never seen anything other than a reference to the GM transmissions in the 328i, unless there's some squirrellyness in the model year changeover. Still, it's hard to argue with a ZF sticker on the side of it.

If it's model year 2006, I didn't think they made a 328i that year (only a 325 or 330). Edmunds confirms that, but not only lets me ask for parts for a 2006 328i but gives me the ZF transmission as an option. So now I'm pretty decently puzzled. LATER: Must have been 2006 builds for 2007 model year.

AFTER SOME SEARCHING: Hah, it appears that there were some 2007 328i cars that went out with ZF transmissions, probably as a result of the production switchover. Strange that it'll mount either one. OK, so you do have the ZF. Learn something every day.
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