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1991 525I no start and front end parts interchange. Just bought

First of all just a reminder as a few of you have helped me with my prior 91 525I idle issue then my wife was rearended and the car totaled just after I got it running sweet.

I bought the car back from insurance for $500 and have been looking for a nice body to throw thow the low mileage engine into.

Item #1: Early this week I found a prtty nice Grey 91 525 with black interior. Owner knew nothing about cars and said the car just wouldn"t start. I bought it because the body and interior were nice with the thought of using the other engine. It cranked over great but no pop so I was hoping for a fuel pump issue. Worked on it today and pulled the tank pump access cover off and pulled the pressure line off. Then turned on the key,----nothing. Then pulled the relay and used a jumper wire just in case the relay was bad, still nothing.

So I pulled the pump out of the wrecked car, reinstalled in the grey one and the car fired up and is running sweet. Had to replace the valve cover gasket as it was leaking (done) and couple other small items but think I scored on this.

Item #2: I still have a parts car with great running gear and he rest of the body parts to use. I found a 95 wrecked in the nose and was wondering if the grill would work. The bumper didn't receive any damage and either did the fenders. Looks like it rear ended a truck with a hitch. If the 91 parts will work on the 95, I can use the hood, grill, core support and radiator? Car is pretty nice and is a manual 5 speed car. Your thoughts??


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