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Originally Posted by captainaudio View Post
The people who did the voting were obviously a bunch of incompetent fools were were bribed by Audi.
They were probably a bunch of old guys who own Buicks, can't drive an MT and don't know about engine breaking.
Audis aren't luxury cars and have no status. The only reason people buy them is because they can't afford BMWs (and don't know how to drive).

Edit: I almost forgot the most important thing.

"Audis are rebadged Volkswagens"

A) BMWs are not in any shape or form more expensive vs. Audi (for example compare the price of the M3 to the C63 and the RS5)
B) It is actually the other way around - VWs are rebadged Audis (technology trickles down not up)
C) I have great respect for BMW (had a great "sprint" with an M5 today - thumbs up to the M5 driver, was a fun run!) but you sir are a joke. I registered just to let you know.
D) losers bitch and whine, winners go home and f@$k the prom queen. Have a great day!

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