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Originally Posted by SCJon View Post
Alright here's your Cliff's Jared (even though DF will go in and make it a much much better story),
I needed to reassurance on my transmission gaskets and filter, got it from Don, Ken K, and Ed.

Ken D. Applied to Turner Motorsports this AM. And we all hope he gets a job and institutes a Bimmerfest Discount of 75%.

Jen left for Grand Cayman, but did not take anyone with her that we know of (never heard if the 23 y/o Secret Santa from the other forum succeeded in turning her into a cougar).

And we all hate the smell of antifreeze, especially when mixed with the smell of oil at the same time. Patrick and Joey (VA Joey) need head gaskets done, Patrick would like to hire Ken D. to just come do it for him.

And last but not least, ice balls pelted Jesse's say bar on the way to work. Same thing happened to Patrick when he lived in DC, but he just sold the car afterwards.

Brad's sway bar broke, which you saw.

Think that's it.
This should cover Thursday up to Friday afternoon! Since then Ken D. Did get the interview at Turner! And Patrick and I both have granite counters. and I hope that Maui was awesome and that you enjoyed your trip! And I joined BMWCCA.

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So let it be written, so let it be done.

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