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Originally Posted by German Expat View Post
Forgot about this, my car has it in the tech package. Might be another reason to just get the 328xi with the tech package because it got Nav and the iphone integration.

My wife wants leather, I am not too worried about the payment being in a specific range, its more about paying for stuff she doesn't need or use and I like to get a good deal as much as the next guy.

My wife is a reasonable pedestrian driver (wouldn't believe it though if you look at the tickets on her driving record) so the lower horsepower would do ok for her.

Need to do a little more math and also curious about the residual and money factor differences and what the end result is. Not sure when I can see those though. I also noticed they did get rid of the Ultimate Package on the 328xi.

Thanks for your feedback
Glad to be of assistance, and since money isn't a big deal consider this:

The 335i is overkill. The 320i is underkill. The 328i is The Car.

So if you don't need to shave a few bucks, don't. I wouldn't. You don't need to mess with perfection. The 328i is perfection. So discard thoughts of 320i, focus on the 328xi, and get it with the right options.

The 320i is a car to help those that can't afford a BMW get into one at $299 a month. Sounds like you're not in that place, so don't force it.


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