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Originally Posted by Robert A View Post
The dealer made a statement that M-Sport cars carry significantly extra value in the used car marketplace relative to Sport. I'm questioning the group if this is true because it will play into my own estimate of future value.
My personal opinion, based on past experiences, is that the M sport package adds only a nominal, if any, price increase in resale. What it does help with is getting the car sold quicker, but certainly most dealers/wholesalers aren't going to give you anywhere near the premium price the option cost.

With regards to your cost of ownership calculations, it's hard to get ahead when buying directly from the dealer. Not only are they maintaining a certain level of profit on the vehicle but they are bundling in overpriced warranty and possibly maintenance expenses. The ownership math works much better if you can source one of these from a wholesale auction, or private party, then add the warranty on aftermarket, or not at all. I wouldn't pay more then $30K for a 2010 535 and I am sure your dealer didn't either.
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