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Originally Posted by deeszn View Post
Lots more problems with the BMW E90 2006 320i. I have changed the oil seperator, sorted the oil burning and a new type of smoke appeared .on checking this, at the back of the car white excessive vapour smoke(could not see behind me thatís how bad).
I tried to re-tork head an all the inlet bolts moved +- 45 degrees.However the inlet bolt closest to the timing chain torqued further and snapped.

With this kind of problem i took 2 grandpa to stop the headachethere after i removed the cylinder head.The gasket was blown between number 1 & 2 cylinder.
Please advise- i suspect previously when i did the head, i used head bolts that were none BMW agent. Do you think this is the problem - head bolt not holding the torque on the head. No funds for big job

I have a good mind of throwing this engine in the bin.What a problematic engine (320i N46)-any suggestions to my issue above.
This is the wrong thread for your issue.
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