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Both the OEM that I drained stinks and so does the Shell 1375.4 I bought both online and from BMW.


Did I read this right that you ran the trans through the gears and warmed the fluid up to the correct temp after refilling
Now this is a very important point. You DID have the engine running when you refilled it to weaping out right?
If not your transmission is not correctly filled. If so I don't know what to tell you as I have done countless changes in many BMWs to include the X models and changing the fluid either makes no difference or an improved difference.

One thing really bothers me when you said that the fluid color was amber and the color of syrup. It should be dark in color
Look here
See post 9-10
The color on the left is what mine looked like at 37,500 miles and the right is what Shell 1375.4 looks like or LG6.

If it is lighter than that someone replaced it and that means they replaced it for a reason.
Please post a pic if you still have it of the ATF.
Mercon SP works just fine since the reason there is a Mercon SP is that ZF builds a lot of transmissions for Ford and they (ZF) spec'ed the fluid.
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