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Anyone who tries to make an argument that running a high-quality, ZR Y or W-rated tire is UNSAFE, is certainly entitled to their own opinion...but it will be just that, an OPINION. Does F1 run RFTs? No, didn't think so...

The engineer and past programme manager in me thinks that BMW moved to RFTs because the moderate increase in unsprung weight and price to adjust spring and damping rates on suspension was, from a business cost comparison basis, worth the reduced production costs and sprung weight of no longer having a spare.

I, like CAL and Bear, run Michelin PSS conventional tires (and a conti tire kit, ironically only ever used once...on my old Potenza RFTs as I had a puncture in a remote area where the drive out distance exceeded the RFT de-pressured safety distance). It was all about ride quality AND performance, and nothing at all to do with cost.

Malikbari, feel content that if you get a decent quality conventional tyre ( ) and get either a conti inflation kit or a good roadside service plan, you will be just fine and your car will not blow up and go flying off a cliff because it didn't have the latest tire technology.

Enjoy you BMW!


p.s. I forgot to add earlier that proper (read daily and weekly) vehicle inspection, to include tire pressure and condition, is far more important that getting some specific kind of technology and ignoring or neglecting things and hoping they will still work correctly or safely when called upon...
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