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Alternate Angel Eye Repair Option

Hey guys, the following is a simple but effective way to replace/repair your Angel Eyes on 2004 745i. My driver side Angel Eyes stopped working for no reason and I thought it was the bulb, but even after upgrading to the Mtec 3's AND taking bumper off AND swapping ENTIRE headlight housing and concluding that it was either a WIRING issue or something I couldnt figure out (after reading more posts and checking other light related components) I just decided to go an alternate route. (I plan to "neaten up" the wiring when I find the appropriate clips, this was pretty much a spontaneous repair so I didnt have all that I needed to "clean it up" but you'll get the gist of it :
CAUTION: I am NOT a mechanic or automotive electrician so AM NOT responsible for any damages to your vehicle if you attempt this repair. You must have all lighting in OFF position before attempting either of these repairs/upgrades!)

1) I first purchased a Dremel hand tool from Lowe's ( $64):
Click image for larger version

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2)Use the included 1 inch grinder wheel to EASILY cut the top of the bracket along the welded connection and down below on both sides of the gapped sections:
Click image for larger version

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3) Now that you have ALL ACCESS to the entire headlight bulbs, changeout your A/E bulbs with your Mtec 3 bulbs and you're finished with the REPLACEMENT part of the upgrade:
Click image for larger version

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Repair Section:
4) Remove (twist) the corner PARK light bulb connector and splice BROWN(-) and BLACK(+) wire (be sure to splice about HALF way of the slacked wiring so you'll have enough to work with)
5) Use one of the 2 wire connectors supplied with your Mtec3 kit (DO NOT CUT OFF YOUR ORIGINAL A/E WIRING THAT PLUGGED INTO YOUR FACTORY BULB!! (Gray and Brown wires with plug on end) I simply pushed my wires back down into the A/E housing.
Click image for larger version

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6) Use a small drill bit and drill a hole in the middle of the A/E bulb housing cover and stick wires thru. Cut off metal ends and strip wire back about 1/8 in.
7)Connect RED wire from A/E wire to BLACK wire on parking bulb wiring. Connect BLACK wire from A/E to BROWN wire on parking bulb wiring. Be sure you have 3 wires total connected at parking bulb side of wiring (wire coming from A/E, wire going to parking bulb, and main wire going to control (or wherever it goes)
8)I used wirenuts because I didnt have good wire connectors but you can see the results:
Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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Here are the final results..I took a pic so you can see that my A/E come on with Park lights. They also work when lights come on in "Auto" position. They DO NOT BLINK because they are NOT connected to SIDE MARKER (which is the mistake a lot of guys make):
Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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